Sifu Lu was born in a Kungfu family and started learning KungFu from his grandfather when he was only 4 years old.

He has studied Wing Chun from Ip Man's nephew Lo Man Kam's system.

He has strive to combine Wing Chun with modern boxing and MMA skills to create a modern style of Wing Chun and spread Chinese KungFu throughout the whole world!


Sifu Lu is proficient in BaJi Quan, XinYi Quan, TongBei Quan, and a few other prominent styles of KungFu in South and North China.

He has 20+ years of practice and learning experience.

In 2008, he founded his first KungFu academy and established Ming KungFu in Shanghai and Zhejiang. His students came from all over the world, including from the United States, Canada, and Sweden.


1.Ip Man Wing Chun Direct Descendant of the Third Generation

2.The Forth Generation of Shanghai Lu XinYi Quan

3.Founder of Shanghai Ming Kung Fu and Hangzhou Ming Kong Fu

4.Chairman of Shanghai Zhonghua Wushi Association

5.The main WinChun Shifu of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation

6.The Special Professor of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

7.The Special Professor of Luoyang Sports Institute

8.One of the Eight Famous KongFu Masters in Modern China