Kid's & Teen's Martial Arts Program

The MKFA – Miami KungFu Academy – Kids & Teen’s program is designed to help your child develop self-defense skills, protect themselves from bullies and strangers while improving their overall fitness & health, flexibility, speed & strength.

They will develop focus, positive mental attitude and determination. We promote self-confidence and self-esteem. Our program will teach your child about setting goals and achieving them. Through the program, your child will be awarded belts for their accomplishments. This will give your child the positive motivation to achieve excellence in life.

Join our winning team and discover your child’s potential for success in every area of life.


Self-Defense Skills



Academic Improvement

Goal Setting Skills

Self-Improvement Skills


Adult’s Martial Arts Program

The ultimate test of any martial art is its success in a true combat situation. And, when studied properly, Kung Fu is simply the best. Sifu Ryan Lu, with 30+ years of experience in China, has studied dozen of styles and hundreds of forms and hand-picked a program for students wanting to experience the essential nature of Kung Fu.

The program is designed for students to simultaneously learn basic self-defense techniques and receive intense whole-body conditioning.

Students will be introduced to basic fighting stances, footwork, learn how to apply defensive techniques, throws and locks, offensive moves such as punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, as well as ground fighting.  

Students will spar in pairs for rounds varying from 3 to 5 minutes.

They will learn the techniques designed to control or lock opponents’ joints or muscles so he cannot move, thus neutralizing his fighting ability.


Practical Self-Defense Skills


Increased Stamina & Energy

Improved Focus & Mental Clarity


Better Sleep & Better Mood

Goal Setting & Achievement

Positive Mental Attitude

Improved Strength & Overall Health